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One week after they arrived in the coop, the chickens seem to be doing really well. They have been using the run freely all day, going and coming as they please.  And tonight, all ten birds are perched snugly together on their roost. I continue to make minor modifications and add new equipment. I made […]

Getting Used To The Place

The birds seem to be getting more used to their surroundings. Last night, nine roosted on the perches, with only one on the ramp. And this evening, they were entering and exiting the coop through the pop hole at will. So things are looking up. I am still finding little changes that I have to […]

First Weekend Over

Well, the first weekend is nearly over, and so far so good with the birds. They are still all OK and appear in good health. The only thing I have noticed is that they are pecking each others’ feathers a fair bit, mainly the tail feathers. From limited research on the Internet, this does not […]