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Archive of posts tagged ISA Brown

Hardy Birds

Despite the really cold weather here in Baldongan (although we seem to be escaping the very worst of it), the chickens are doing fine

First Weekend Over

Well, the first weekend is nearly over, and so far so good with the birds. They are still all OK and appear in good health. The only thing I have noticed is that they are pecking each others’ feathers a fair bit, mainly the tail feathers. From limited research on the Internet, this does not […]

Chickens Settling In

The birds are settling in well, I think. Despite the ramps I have put in to let them get up to the top roosts, only four are venturing up there at the moment. The other six choose to huddle together on the ramp. I suppose eventually they will all find their way up to the […]

Chickens Have Arrived

My chickens have finally arrived at the coop and I am looking forward to enjoying keeping them and getting plenty of fresh eggs.