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The Power of Advertising!

We just got a new customer, Tom, for our lovely fresh eggs. The power of advertising! Thanks to Kevin from Skerries for touching up the gate sign. If you liked this post, you might also like: First Eggs Laying in Earnest Free Ranging Receive new articles from Baldongan by subscribing to my RSS Feed or by email […]

Hardy Birds

Despite the really cold weather here in Baldongan (although we seem to be escaping the very worst of it), the chickens are doing fine

Free Ranging

I started letting the birds range in the garden to take pressure off the runs. It is great having all ten layers and the five bantams clucking around the garden.

Laying In Earnest

The birds are laying well now – still small, but welcome! They have taken well to the nest boxes and are quite happy laying there. I am getting an average of five eggs a day at the moment and I expect this to increase to eight over the coming weeks.  What Am I going to […]

First Eggs

The first eggs finally appeared last Sunday. A quite small egg, like a bantam’s, and a very large egg.