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One week after they arrived in the coop, the chickens seem to be doing really well. They have been using the run freely all day, going and coming as they please.  And tonight, all ten birds are perched snugly together on their roost.

I continue to make minor modifications and add new equipment. I made a small wooden plinth this evening to raise the mash dispenser up off the ground. It is about six inches in height and is just enough to keep the litter (or most of it!) out of the mash.

I had also noticed that the mash dispenser seemed to be dispensing small quantities of mash as the birds ate it and I was concerned that perhaps they might not be getting enough. When I was measuring the dispenser for the plinth, I noticed that the hopper screws up and down to vary the gap at the bottom, where the food comes out. So I opened it up a few more turns and the mash seems to be dispensing far more freely.

There certainly is nothing like the experience of keeping birds to learn about these little things; you will almost never find them in a book! I hope that readers will benefit from my experience.

If you have any tips to give or want to discuss any points, why not leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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