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Spring Chickens and Nesting Ducks

I really get great fun from our poultry. The ducks are nesting and the chickens are very frisky. There is always plenty of noise and great activity in the garden. A duck is supposed to take about 28 days to incubate an egg. My ducks have been sitting on the eggs a lot longer than that and I really don’t think they will produce any ducklings. But maybe I will be wrong.

We get about a dozen eggs a day from the 15 laying hens. I was getting three duck eggs every day as well but decided to let them incubate the eggs instead. We also get about 10 eggs a week from the bantams, so we are well stocked with eggs. We sell some of the surplus at the door to a few regular customers and also give some to family and friends.

So if you are near Baldongan and want some fresh free range eggs, call up and we will look after you.

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