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Chickens Well Settled In

The chickens have settled into their homes well, although there have been some changes along the way. The young Olde English Game cock left his little missus and moved in with the laying hens. He is now truly the cock of the walk and is having a great time keeping all the girls happy. He has also dominated the other Pekin cock, who runs every time the young fella comes near. It is a pity that the little hen is on her own, but at least she has the company of the other hens when they are all out. Unfortunately, however, they are all inclined to bully her, so she does not have a lot of friends!

One of the laying hens got peritonitis a few weeks ago and I felt that the only thing to do was to despatch her as humanely as possible, which I did. I am now down to nine laying hens and they are all producing well. Today, I actually got 11 eggs from them, however that happened. We are managing to sell most of them and have a few regular customers. I don’t think we will become rich, however.

The bantam hens had been laying as well but seem to have stopped now, probably because the shortening days. I light the larger hen house, so I am hoping that the layers will continue to lay consistently throughout the winter.




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