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Nesting Ducks But Still No Ducklings

Today’s hen production was really excellent, with an egg from each of the 15 laying hens and also from each of the 2 bantams. I have noticed that, even though I light the chicken coop in winter (I’m not lighting it now), production has increased further recently, as the days lengthen. So we have lots of eggs available for sale at our gate.

I mentioned in the video in my previous post that I had to separate the bantam cock from the other cocks, as they were giving him a hard time. He and his two bantams seem quite happy in their new smaller coop and the hens’ production is very satisfactory at the moment. So a happy hen is a good layer!

Readers will also have seen in the previous video post that the ducks are very protective on the nest. All three are sitting on nests, but I continue to lose eggs. Sometimes I think this is caused by crows and sometimes I think the ducks break them themselves. If any reader can suggest a possible answer, I’d like to hear it so please leave a comment below. One of the ducks does not even have any eggs under her and she is the most vicious of all in defence of the nest. Strange behaviour.

I’m not sure if I will actually get any ducklings from the other birds. I can see that there is something developing in the eggs but they seem to be taking forever to hatch, if they are going to. Maybe I should have used an egg incubator but I was anxious to let the ducks hatch the eggs naturally, and they certainly seem to like doing it that way. Between the two ducks, there are only about six eggs left, of which about four are showing signs of development. They are certainly going over the 28 days, but if I actually get little ducklings, I will post a video.

Have you had experience of Ailesbury ducks hatching eggs? Were you successful? How did you look after them and how did you succeed? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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