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Ducks And Bantams Nesting Again

In a previous post, I wrote about the ducks nesting. Unfortunately, they did not produce any young and all the eggs were broken in the end. They started nesting again about two weeks ago and one duck is sitting on the nest almost all the time. Maybe I will have more luck this time. The other two ducks are also making nests and have big clutches of eggs on them but they are not hatching yet. With some luck, I might get a few ducklings this time.

I noticed that one of the ducks, who was sitting on about 15 eggs, broke one of her eggs and took it away from the nest. She appeared to be trying to eat it herself first of all and then seemed to offer it to one of the other birds. I’m not sure whether it was the drake. This was strange behaviour to me and I wonder if it is common. If readers can shed any light on it, I’d appreciate more information.

One of my bantam hens is also nesting and she is sitting on at least five eggs. She is a very attentive bird and almost never leaves the nest. I have some hope that she will manage to hatch some eggs and give me a few baby bantams. She could be on the nest for as long as two weeks, so I might see some signs of hatching next weekend. If I do, I’ll try to get some video and post it on the blog.

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