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Lengthening Days And Frisky Birds

It is great to see the stretch in the days now. When I get home from work the chickens are still out scratching around the garden, which is very nice. The long days are also exciting the two cocks, I think, and I could not help noticing both of them paying a lot of attention to the ladies today!

I made a few improvements to the coop a few weeks ago, by making the perches removable for easier cleaning and also making access to the droppings board easier. Consequently, I don’t have to clean out the coop so often, which is very welcome from my perspective. It was great fun working in the coop today and I just love watching the chickens sticking their noses – well, beaks – into everything and getting under my feet all the time.

The bantams have become a bit more used to me now and they are less inclined to run off when I approach, although they still aren’t as friendly as the layers. I am still planning on getting more birds this year and will have to expand the coop to accommodate them.

Our eggs are now very popular with neighbours and friends and we have picked up some new customers. There is also some bartering going on now and, in return for eggs, we are being given cakes, bread and potatoes. That’s nice.

Unfortunately, my cholesterol has risen significantly in the last year. I wonder if this could be attributed to my increased egg consumption!
With the days getting longer I hope to start getting the garden ready for planting fruit and vegetables over the next few weeks. I haven’t planned anything yet, but I hope to get around to it shortly.

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