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I Could Watch These Chicks All Day

The oldest chick is now about a week old and we are up to six birds hatched at this stage. There are a further six eggs unhatched, so we could end up with 12 birds in all, with about two weeks between the oldest and the youngest. The hens are swapping duties between minding the chicks and hatching the eggs. Contrary to the warnings I’d read about having two mothers together, these bantams are cooperating very effectively in rearing the young, which probably increases significantly their prospects of survival.

The latest videos below show the birds fending for themselves very well, eating crumb, drinking water, eating bits of duck egg shell and generally exploring their nice safe little coop. There were only five birds at this time.

I’m afraid things have not gone as well with the ducks. When I got home from work this evening, I found a hatchling half out of its shell in the pen but, sadly, it was dead. I have no idea what happened but the failure with the ducks is very disappointing. There are four eggs left so I am still hoping for some luck with them. In case it was attacked by jackdaws, I have closed up the pen to keep them out. If one hatched, there is still a chance that one of the other eggs will hatch too.

If you have experienced anything similar with ducks, I’d appreciate a comment with your opinion on what might have happened. You can leave it in the box below.

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