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First Hatchlings

Bantam Chick

My bantams have finally come through and two lovely chicks hatched either on Sunday or Monday, one or two days ago. There are a lot more eggs so I hope to have a few more chicks over the next day or two.

Things are a little confused in the coop at the moment. Only one bantam was brooding originally but she was joined in the same nest box by the other bantam hen and, as they look so alike, I don’t know which hen laid which eggs and when.

As you will see from the video, both hens seem to be looking after the chicks OK. I had read, both online and in books, that you should not keep different mothers together as one may attack the other’s chicks. I will keep an eye on them over the next few days.

If it looks like there is a second batch of eggs that one of the hens laid later than the other, I may move one hen and the chicks into another house to let her rear them and hope that the other bird will hatch the other eggs. A bit complicated, I know, but I can’t see any other solution.

Bantam Chick

Anticipating their arrival, I bought a bag of Red Mills 20% Starter Crumb for the chicks, which will do them for the first four weeks.

The bantam cock was sharing the house with the two bantam hens but I moved him out this evening so that he would not eat the crumb. I don’t think cocks are a threat to the chicks but it is more convenient to have him separate. The only problem is that I am running out of hen houses!

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