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Goldies Doing Well Too!

My garden pond seems to be doing well also. My six goldfish have been in there for two weeks now and already they are growing in confidence. Now, when I lean over the pond to drop in their feed, all six fish come to the surface to feed. Indeed, this evening, they came to the surface even before I put the feed in. So things are looking up, so to speak!

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  1. Mary Blaney says:

    Well John, I can’t tell you how impressed i am with your country website, the coop looks fab, much bigger than I thought. When will there be eggs ?? You know those things you scamble and boil, look at my website scrambelledeggs.comedian. I’ll keep checking on your progress. Did you name all the chicks ? if not I’ll start working on it.
    Lots of love
    Big sis x

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