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Little Cock Dead

My Olde English Game Cock had been poorly for the last week or so. I had been keeping an eye on him and decided this afternoon to give him the worm treatment and isolate him from the rest of the flock for a few days. The layers had been pecking his breast a lot lately […]

Spring Gets Birds Doing What Birds Do

What a wonderful morning here in Fingal, North Dublin. There is a slight chill in the air, the sun is shining brightly, the surrounding countryside looks resplendent and the birds are busy courting and building their nests. My son, Sean, built this two-storey, double nest box several years ago as part of a Junior Certificate […]

Chickens Love Their Treats

The chickens are really doing very well now and are in full production. Layers and bantams are all laying well and we get an egg from each bird almost every day. At times, we have far more than we can use. We continue to give some away and sell some. We treat the birds to […]

Hardy Birds

Despite the really cold weather here in Baldongan (although we seem to be escaping the very worst of it), the chickens are doing fine

Chickens Well Settled In

The chickens have settled into their homes well