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The Power of Advertising!

We just got a new customer, Tom, for our lovely fresh eggs. The power of advertising! Thanks to Kevin from Skerries for touching up the gate sign. If you liked this post, you might also like: First Eggs Laying in Earnest Free Ranging Receive new articles from Baldongan by subscribing to my RSS Feed or by email […]

Brooding, a Frog, Goldies and a Big Moth!

The bantams have spent the last two months being very broody, one being particularly prone to spending the day on the nest. So there was a period when we got no bantam eggs at all, which greatly disappointed our best customer. But they are back laying again now, though they don’t give an egg a […]

Lengthening Days And Frisky Birds

t is great to see the stretch in the days now. When I get home from work the chickens are still out scratching around the garden

Chickens Love Their Treats

The chickens are really doing very well now and are in full production. Layers and bantams are all laying well and we get an egg from each bird almost every day. At times, we have far more than we can use. We continue to give some away and sell some. We treat the birds to […]

Hardy Birds

Despite the really cold weather here in Baldongan (although we seem to be escaping the very worst of it), the chickens are doing fine