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All Is Not Lost

After I wrote the previous post, I discovered that the ducks did not get all the fish after all. There are still two alive in the pond. If they are male and female, I might just get a few more added by the end of the summer. It’s nice to have some activity in the […]

No More Fishy Pictures

I was really pleased with my goldfish, which were doing really well in the pond. They were growing nicely and had even bred. I noticed a small black fish in the pond and wondered how it might have got there. Then, on checking out a little about goldfish on the Internet, I discovered that baby […]

Brooding, a Frog, Goldies and a Big Moth!

The bantams have spent the last two months being very broody, one being particularly prone to spending the day on the nest. So there was a period when we got no bantam eggs at all, which greatly disappointed our best customer. But they are back laying again now, though they don’t give an egg a […]

Goldies Doing Well Too!

My garden pond seems to be doing well also. My six goldfish have been in there for two weeks now and already they are growing in confidence. Now, when I lean over the pond to drop in their feed, all six fish come to the surface to feed. Indeed, this evening, they came to the […]