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Bantam Hen v Blackbird Hen

Today was a great day to work in the garden and my birds are certainly very lively and frisky. There is plenty of spring activity going on and it is clear that the breeding season is well upon us. I was clearing a patch of ground  that the birds had really messed up and, of course, they were delighted to scratch even more once it was clear of debris.

Just before dusk, a blackbird hen was close by the bantams and was working on getting a lovely long worm out of the ground. She did it expertly and managed to get the worm out in one piece. Just as she did, one of my bantam hens launched an attack on her and drove her away. The bantam enjoyed the worm. The blackbird stayed around and was quite aggressive to the other birds but she was generally repelled by them. This was an interesting episode that I hadn’t seen before.

Have you seen blackbirds and chickens in similar confrontations before? If so, please leave a comment and let me know.

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