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No More Fishy Pictures


I was really pleased with my goldfish, which were doing really well in the pond. They were growing nicely and had even bred. I noticed a small black fish in the pond and wondered how it might have got there. Then, on checking out a little about goldfish on the Internet, I discovered that baby goldfish can be many colours when young. So it was great to see the small new goldfish in the pond. They were thriving.

However, I am afraid that I won’t be posting any more pictures of happy goldfish swimming and eating in my pond. Not long after the ducks discovered my pond, I noticed that the goldfish stopped appearing. I thought at first that maybe they were just a bit afraid of the new visitors. I was wrong, however. The ducks had, in fact, enjoyed a few very tasty snacks and had eaten all of the fish. So that’s the end of that little adventure!

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