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Little Cock Dead

My Olde English Game Cock had been poorly for the last week or so. I had been keeping an eye on him and decided this afternoon to give him the worm treatment and isolate him from the rest of the flock for a few days. The layers had been pecking his breast a lot lately […]

Cheap Chicken or Duck House

I found a great article on how to build a cheap chicken or duck house on the website. I might try this out as I hope to get a few quails shortly and this might be the answer to my housing needs (although I already have 2 spare coops). If you would like to […]

Brooding, a Frog, Goldies and a Big Moth!

The bantams have spent the last two months being very broody, one being particularly prone to spending the day on the nest. So there was a period when we got no bantam eggs at all, which greatly disappointed our best customer. But they are back laying again now, though they don’t give an egg a […]