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Adding To The Flock

I’m afraid that I got a bit carried away last Saturday week and bought five bantams at a bring and buy sale in north county Dublin. I felt that it would be nice to have a cock about the place to add to the colour, character and noise of my holding. Well, as if it […]

Laying In Earnest

The birds are laying well now – still small, but welcome! They have taken well to the nest boxes and are quite happy laying there. I am getting an average of five eggs a day at the moment and I expect this to increase to eight over the coming weeks.  What Am I going to […]

First Eggs

The first eggs finally appeared last Sunday. A quite small egg, like a bantam’s, and a very large egg.

Goldies Doing Well Too!

My garden pond seems to be doing well also. My six goldfish have been in there for two weeks now and already they are growing in confidence. Now, when I lean over the pond to drop in their feed, all six fish come to the surface to feed. Indeed, this evening, they came to the […]


One week after they arrived in the coop, the chickens seem to be doing really well. They have been using the run freely all day, going and coming as they please.  And tonight, all ten birds are perched snugly together on their roost. I continue to make minor modifications and add new equipment. I made […]